David.J Harrison- Recursion

An excellent debut novel that so cleverly interweaves three genres together to create a story that is as unique as I think you can possibly find. Have a look at the book blurb then I shall give you my thoughts.

David. J. Harrison

Everything that is going to happen already has.
During a disruption in the timeline of a sleepy Lake District village, the erratic and strung-out artist Haruki Kensagi cannot help but feel that he’s been here before, either in his past or in his future.
Haruki, struggling with both his painting and his mental health, disappears. His long-suffering wife Jane Kensagi, herself a brilliant musician, interrupts her career to look for him unaware that a malignant and ageless entity awaits them both under the dark fells of the Lake District.
The estranged couple becomes caught up in a dangerously recursive series of events surrounding a dormant cosmic force. They encounter a cabal of enigmatic characters who may hinder or help in equal measure. And over all this madness, the monstrous but charismatic Captain presides; part faith healer, part cult-leader, all saviour.
Haruki and Jane are taken to the limits of sanity and beyond in their attempt to escape from the evil that has been unleashed.

When I say unique, I really do mean unique. A suspense/horror/ slight  sci-fi story that together gives this book the edge. I began reading and being a new author to me. I had no expectations…but let me tell you, I was fascinated. No one could tear me away from this book.

David.J Harrison’s characters each have their own flaws as well as strengths. As the story develops, I realised that my opinions fluctuated from one to another constantly. A multi layered book in which the author’s descriptive writing of the settings brought even more to this story.

Recursion made me question absolutely everything as the action begins to heat up. I wasn’t sure at all; the book almost felt like sand beneath my feet with no solid foundation. This really added to the atmosphere of the story. This author has definitely used the fullness of his imagination in a very skilled way. I would definitely be happy to read more of his work.

Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and David J Harrison for the copy of this unusual and skilfully written book.

The depth of the story

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