J.F. Kirwan – The Dead Tell Lies

‘The Dead Tell Lies’ by J.F Kirwan is an absolutely terrifying thriller !Greg Adams a criminal Psychologist who has suffered massive life changing events, is on the brink of taking his own life when he receives a message that gives his life purpose again.

J.F. Kirwan

Greg returns to work at Scotland Yard with his colleagues to attempt to find the serial killer that is still at large.
A story that just races along, with action and blood pressure rising moments throughout! If you love your serial killers, this is the book for you! The book is written in three parts and is from Gregs perspective with occasional smatterings from his colleagues which enables us to have quite a well rounded view of the whole story.

With everything you could wish for in a thriller, and twists you never see coming. One to read for sure! A massive thank you to Rachels Random Resources for having me on the blog tour today.

Hannah Hopkins – Space Academy

Space Academy by Hannah Hopkins is a Sci-Fi story that is great for teens all the way to adults such as me who love a fantasy story with some realism injected into it too. We are swept into the action as soon as the book starts.

Hannah Hopkins

It is the year 2100 and Elsie has risked everything to get herself and her young son on board ‘The Mayflower’ a spaceship bound for a new planet. She discovers she knows the captain and is soon upgraded to the equivalent of first-class today.
Fast forward 13 years and Will, Elsie’s son, is embarking on his ‘Space Academy’ education with his friends Emily, Finley and Louis. Will begins to find out things that he never knew about his father’s death and get thrown headlong into a mystery they must solve to save human lives in the future.

Well, what a book! As I said from the beginning we are swept up into the action and I wasn’t able to let go until I had got to the last page. I did see parallels with the fantasy stories of the recent past, such as Harry Potter, but, it did not detract from my enjoyment of the story in its own right!. The characters as well as the sensitive complex topics that are part of the story are very believable and well fleshed out. Added to that a twist of an ending makes this a truly different type of Sci-Fi story for all. Thank you to Rachels Random Resources for a copy of the book in order to take part in the blog tour today.

Rachel Amphlett – Turn To Dust

‘Turn To Dust’ by Rachel Amphlett is the ninth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series. It is a book that can easily be read as a standalone but by the time you have read this one, I can guarantee you will be on the hunt for the others.

Rachel Amphlett

This book begins with two men, while metal detecting in a field, finding a dead body. When Kay and her team arrive and start their investigation they discover that the injuries the dead man suffered were more akin to falling from a plane than accidental or natural causes. Their case pushes them to the limits as they struggle to find any information but when they eventually do find some it makes the case darker than they initially thought. They realise they need to get to the bottom of this before they find more victims.

An absolute belter again from Rachel Amphlett. I have read some of her books and really feel the need to fill in the gaps of Kay Hunters work and life that I am missing. Kay always strives to solve her cases and knows that the answers to the majority of cases lie in the small details and the team and Kay spend hours pouring over the said fine details. Kay also knows that she needs to keep team morale up while she also continues to solve the case at the same time. I greatly admire Kay as a character and think the author has managed to create a fully rounded and fleshed out person in this series.

Another fantastic, exciting and thrilling read added to the series! Thank you to Books On The Bright Side for including me in the blog tour for the newest instalment!

John Lynch – Darkness Comes

‘Darkness Comes’ by John Lynch is the most original and ingenius story I have read in a long time.

John Lynch

Ted Bailey is on trial, but not an earthly trial, but a trial that will decide on whether he goes to Hell or Heaven! He isn’t a nice man as we would consider a ‘nice’ man to be, I mean… dealing drugs, selling weapons of destruction and to top it off he is a killer! He fears for his soul and afterlife as all the scenes of his life are played out on a screen to be judged. Characters that were part of his good or bad choices throughout his life come forward to either condemn him or support him in this highly entertaining story.

Ted is a person who has done bad things, but sometimes people make bad decisions and do bad things for the right reasons. Are these right reasons enough to be exempt from hell? Or does the badness overcome the good?

I really, really loved this book, Ted is as vivid in my mind as a real person, I needed no physical description he was large as life as I read the book. John Lynch has definitely created a book that makes you consider the rights and wrongs of everyday life. A book I will not forget easily. With great thanks to Random Things Tours, John Lynch and the publisher for the book in order to give my thoughts on the blog tour today.

Tina M. Edwards – The Secret Of Creek Cottage

‘The Secret Of Creek Cottage’ by Tina M. Edwards is a debut timeslip novel that intrigued me from the start. First I loved the front cover and the synopsis also as I find Cornwall, where the book is set, a beautiful and mysterious place. I began reading and found myself lost in time.

Tina M. Edwards

The story begins with two couples who live in Creek Cottage but one hundred years apart. Kitty and Ben Gridley move to Trunrowan, in Cornwall from busy Bristol, hoping they will have the peace and quiet they really need. In 1916, Loveday and Will Nance have a truly different life as Will is fighting in the war.

I adored this story as both families in both eras just slotted into the other really smoothly and I found the author managed to deal with the view of our modern life along with the historical story really well and it made for a really tense read. The icing on the cake for me was the supernatural events that Kitty experienced throughout the book, and added a chilly atmosphere to the story that just made the book.

I really loved following Kitty and Loveday through their time at Creek Cottage and enjoyed finding out about both women and how similar they were in their strength to do what was best for their families. Excellent debut, am hoping to see more from Tina in the future. Thank you to Random Things Tours for inviting me onto this excellent blog tour and for the book so I could write my thoughts on it too.

Caroline Mitchell – Left For Dead

Left For Dead by Caroline Mitchell is the third book in a series featuring Detective Inspector Amy Winter. I have always loved Caroline Mitchell’s books and look forward to a new release. Every book by Caroline is always a cracker, and this one is no different.

Caroline Mitchell

I think Amy Winter is one of Caroline’s most interesting characters, not only is she a good copper, but she also has parents that were killers! to top the unusualness of her, she even helped to get them locked up. She has always felt she needs to work harder and stops at nothing to get the job done, if only to prove she is not her parents.

This story begins with Amy and her sister shopping and Amy sees a mannequin in a shop window and realises its a body. Amy gets the police there and starts looking into it. Other dead bodies start appearing and it turns into an investigation that Amy and her team are not prepared for, they are pushed to their limits. Will they manage to find the killer or killers before they decide to kill again? Read it to find out what happens next.

I love the Amy Winters series and as they go on they get better, don’t even know how Caroline does it but she knocks it out the park every time! An unputdownable book, filled with action and as always brilliantly written. The fact that Caroline is an ex-police officer shines through in every book and that is partially what makes her stories so real also.

Thanks to Books On The Bright Side, Netgalley and Caroline for the copy of the book to join this blog tour today

Megan Miranda – The Girl From Widow Hills

‘The Girl From Widow Hills’ by Megan Miranda is an intriguing thriller. Olivia Meyer is a young woman who is living as quiet a life as possible, because, that’s how she likes it. The reason being that almost 20 years ago she was infamous for being missing for three days and being found alive down a storm drain.

Megan Miranda

From that her mum wrote a book and made her so well known that she disappeared and changed her name from Arden Mayner as soon as she was old enough. Then almost at the 20th anniversary of the lost girl from Widows Hill as she was known. Olivia receives a box of her dead mothers stuff. Her sleepwalking begins again and on the second night, she is woken by a phone ringing and finds a body at her feet. Her neighbour helps her and they phone the police, the body is Olivia’s rescuer when she was six, Sean Coleman! The question is why was he there? What did he want?
The story is written in a dual timeline, returning to the past in between the chapters, giving us insight into what happened 20 years ago and show us why Olivia is as she is now.

I certainly enjoyed the well-paced story that came to a satisfying, shocking conclusion. An absolutely creepy, tense thriller that will have you sleeping with one eye open after finishing this book.
Thanks to Random Tours and Corvus Books for the copy of the book for me to give my review for this blog tour.

Jonathan Wilkins – Utrecht Snow & Utrecht Rain [Double Review]

Utrecht Snow‘ by Jonathan Wilkins is a police procedural set in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

This is the first book in a series set in Utrecht the second one being Utrecht Rain. This Blog Tour being a double book tour I shall be giving you my thoughts on both books today. I was eager to read these books due to, number one, the cover and number two, just because they are actually set in The Netherlands. My family and I usually spend time in The Netherlands as my husband is Dutch and we have family there.

The story incorporates a lot of Dutch words and for me, it made the books more authentic as I can understand them also. I could see the inclusion of the Dutch maybe making the book a bit of hard work to read for people with no knowledge of the language, but for me, it enhanced the story.
Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda and his team are on the case of women going missing from the Universiteit. None of the women are connected, only that none of them have anyone who cares enough to report their disappearance to the police. Alongside this, Heda’s daughter Truus Heda has decided she has had enough of Universiteit and begins an apprenticeship with a private investigator Thijs Orman, an ex-policeman who left under a cloud and whose daughter is one of those missing. With this in mind Caes, Thijs and Truus begin to work together. Truus is an independent strong girl but finds herself in a situation she cannot get out of. The outcome of this is that Truus is added to the list of missing women in the city, but does this make this case way too personal for both Thijs and Caes and his team?

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the unique setting of the book and I thought Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda along with his daughter and Thijs were all characters that I would enjoy getting to know some more, all I can say is I am thankful there is yet a second book. In conclusion, I think Utrecht Rain is an excellent example of using a totally different country and culture in a refreshing way for a police procedural and a well-paced story which kept me intrigued throughout.

Jonathan Wilkins

Utrecht Rain, the second book in the Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda series and an attack on members of Caes’s team throws us back into Utrecht with a bang.

This attack adds extra work onto the Hoofdinspecteur’s already busy caseload. Two bank robberies and then a murder gave them enough to contend with. I love being in Utrecht for these books, I again, was totally engrossed in the book. This time we have all the members from the first book but added to the mix is AIVD, the General Intelligence and Security Service within The Netherlands. In Utrecht Rain, we begin to get to know a lot more about all the characters and Truus especially, who we see working her way through her apprenticeship with Thijs as a Private Investigator.

I really enjoyed this book and will be waiting for a third Utrecht to be published. Thanks to Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and Jonathan Wilkins for the copy of both books.

Conrad Jones – What Happened To Rachel?

‘What Happened To Rachel?’ by Conrad Jones is a book that is the sixth in a series named The Anglesey Murders. A brilliant set of books that are so worth reading. If you haven’t read them all this is a book that works well as a standalone also because it is so well written you don’t get lost in a quagmire of characters you can’t keep up with.

Conrad Jones

This is the first book I have encountered which has included the situation we found ourselves in this year with COVID-19, and it made the book feel very current and topical.

The main lynchpin in this book is 14-year-old Rachel who does, as most teenagers do, only tells her parents what she wants them to know. On the final day of term, she purposely avoids her mates so she can walk home alone and never arrives home. The question is, was she taken or did she go willingly?

The issues tackled are major issues of today’s world, this book deals with them all skilfully and weaves everything together as cleverly as a spiders web. Another fantastic book by Conrad Jones that I read constantly in about 2 sittings.Thanks again to Books On The Bright Side and Conrad Jones for the book in order to write my own thoughts on What Happened To Rachel for this Blog Tour today.

Amanda Prowse – The Day She Came Back

‘The Day She Came Back’ by Amanda Prowse is an emotional, rollercoaster of a read. I have read books by Amanda previously and have always found them a profound read as she is so insightful with her writing. This story is no different.

Amanda Prowse

Victoria absolutely adores her fun-loving grandmother Prim and spends as much time as she can with her. Prim passes away, leaving a shattered but strong Victoria. A strange woman attends the funeral claiming to be the mother Victoria believed to be dead. As they get to know each other Victoria realises she has had life-changing secrets kept from her by her Grandmother of all people and she needs answers, but who will she get the absolute truth from?

This book almost had me in tears, Amanda has written this with so much depth to the emotions and Victoria herself is so real she could be having a brew with me. The reason this is as good as it is, is that although Victoria has so much to deal with and struggles to get to the bottom of it all there is always a little light and the end of the tunnel, so I am always hoping maybe she will find what she needs. With thanks to Books On The Bright Side, Netgalley and Amanda Prowse for the copy of the book for this blog tour today.

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