Linda Huber – The Runaway

The Runaway by Linda Huber is very definitely a gripping psychological thriller. So much that I couldn’t put it down once I started.

Linda Huber

Nicola, Ed and their daughter Kelly live in London, but things are beginning to come away at the seams. Ed has lost his job while 15 year old Kelly is getting in trouble to the point that the police are involved. Ed’s mum then dies, leaving Ed the family home in St Ives, Cornwall. Nicola can think of nothing better than a fully fresh start for the family, but Ed and Kelly aren’t as keen. Ed even finds a fresh job! Kelly finds it really hard to settle in a new place, new people and even a new school. Nicola has to leave her family to go and help her dad, due to health issues in her extended family and when she get back home Kelly has disappeared. Nicola spends all her time looking for her and her marriage begins to fall apart. The perfect fresh start has fallen apart spectacularly, but the secrets have yet to be discovered….

What a rollercoaster of a book this one is, just when you think you have worked it out, Linda throws that curveball and you are left reeling!
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Book Description:

Keep your secrets close to home…
Bad things happen in threes – or so it seems to Nicola. The death of her mother-in-law coincides with husband Ed losing his job and daughter Kelly getting into trouble with the police. Time to abandon their London lifestyle and start again by the sea in far-away Cornwall.
It should be the answer to everything – a new home, a new job for Ed and a smaller, more personal school for fifteen-year-old Kelly. But the teenager hates her new life, and it doesn’t take long before events spiral out of control and the second set of bad things starts for Nicola.
Some secrets can’t be buried.
Or… can they?

Author Bio:

Linda Huber grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Currently she teaches one day a week, and writes psychological suspense novels and feel-good novellas with (most of) the rest of her time.
Her writing career began in the nineties, when she had over fifty short stories published in women’s magazines before turning to psychological suspense fiction. The Runaway is her ninth book, and is set mostly in Cornwall, where she spent several happy holidays as a child.
Linda’s other project is a series of feel-good novellas written under the pen name Melinda Huber and set on the banks of Lake Constance, just minutes from her home in north-east Switzerland. She really appreciates having the views enjoyed by her characters right on her own doorstep!
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Jennifer Chase – Flowers On Her Grave

Flowers on her grave by Jennifer Chase is the 3rd book in the series featuring Detective Katie Scott. The difference this time is that the case is personal, very personal!

Jennifer Chase

Katie is still working in the cold case department of the Pine Valley Police Force, but has lost her full time partner McGaven to being only part time. She goes to her Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary celebrations and sees they are still more in love than ever that evening. The next morning she returns to their house to go for a run with her Uncle, a thing that happens constantly. After getting no answer at the door she keeps trying until, eventually her Uncle answers, covered in blood. Katie discovers her Aunt dead in the laundry room and all the evidence points to her Uncle! Katie, being family, is ordered to keep well away from the case, but family is family! Katie begins to dig into cold cases of her Uncle’s and discovers links that cannot be ignored. She doggedly carries on finding nothing but dead ends until she discovers a single detail that has possibilities of being fruitful in her search for evidence to prove her Uncle is not the killer.

I enjoyed this fast paced and thrilling read, waiting to see how far Katie would go to prove her Uncle’s innocence. As I said previously, it is the 3rd book of the series and can be read as a standalone but, as with a lot of series, you do get to know the characters better if you have read the others as it creates depth you maybe won’t get with just the one. Overall, though, a great read and I thank Bookouture and Book On The Brightside Publicity and Promo for allowing me to be a part of the Blog Tour.

Jules Hayes – The Walls We Build

The Walls We Build is a beautifully written dual timeline novel of love, honour and difficult choices we all need to make throughout life. Focusing upon Frank who has two women in his life, Florence and Hilda, both driving the story from beginning to end.

Jules Hayes

The timeline flings us into WW2 and the twists and turns of the war years and beyond are all dependent upon two decisions made by Frank. These affect all three people and the consequences are far reaching. Straight to the present day where Franks grandson is attempting to untangle this web from back then.

I am always interested in the bygone eras of the world wars so I sped through this in days and loved the conclusion as well, even though I was gutted for it to end! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour.

Mark Stay & Mark Oliver – Back to Reality

Back To Reality is an audiobook, which has been brought about by the combined magic of Mark Stay and Mark Oliver. It is not my usual read, but saying that I love Bridget Jones! It is a laugh out loud book for me.

Poor old Jo, in her thirties, feeling out of the loop. Her daughter is a typical teen and her marriage is just… yeah, a marriage and omg her life is just boring! All of a sudden she encounters a parallel universe, complete with her alter ego, Yohanna!!

It was a great mix of Bridget Jones and Freaky Friday for me. The 90’s brought back to life in full colour, almost made me nostalgic. It is a madcap, funny and races along so smoothly you have finishes it before you know.

A massive thank you to @OverviewMedia for asking me to be a part of this tour. I love this book and enjoyed every minute listening to it!

D.B. Carter – The Wild Roses

The Wild Roses by D.B Carter is an engaging coming of age tale about three friends and all of their individual journeys as they attempt to find their ways through life and how they slot into the world around them.

D.B Carter

Each of the characters, Pip, Sharon and Gavin are beautifully created and each one has a fully unique personality which jumps off the page when you read the book. They are all delightfully human and all have flaws, like they should, and it makes them all the more real in my mind. Pip, for one, has a tender relationship with her grandparents. She helped her grandfather to tend his roses and this tiny action means she now has been left with a love for the plants.

This novel is set in the 1980’s and it took me back to my good old days with the references to fashion and all the music I loved then! This made it easy to suck me in, as I was surrounded by familiar things that I miss even now! The bittersweet moments of all of the characters made me mad at times when they made a decision that I knew would turn out wrong. The bad things of the 80’s are part and parcel of this book as well: The drugs and sex which the decade is almost famous for!

So I enjoyed the shades of light and dark that are part of the story and the message that no matter what is said or done, believe in yourself, you can do this!

Thank you to Random Things Tours, @miradorbooks and @ DBCarterAuthor for allowing me to be a part of The Wild Roses tour! #WildRoses.

Steph Broadribb – Deep Dark Night

A massive thank you to Orendo Books and Anne Cater for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour of Deep Dark Night by Steph Broadribb, which is the newest release in her Lori Anderson bounty hunter series. This is number 4 and, as I have found, it is easy to read on it’s own, but be warned: By the time you have finished you will love Lori so much you will NEED to read the previous 3!

Steph Broadribb

In this book Lori and her partner find themselves in Chicago, working off the books for FBI Special Agent Munroe. The job is to entrap the head of a crime family… No mean feat then!

The majority of the story is played out within a private poker game, in a penthouse suite in one of the tallest buildings in the city. The game is in motion when the electricity suddenly goes out and it turns out to be a city wide power failure! The penthouse is now also in lockdown, Lori is stuck in the room with people who aren’t who they say they are. It brought to mind an escape room , but one that makes you realise there is no escaping this time! Lori has to use every trick in the book and her own wiles to get out of that room alive… or is it too late?!

I had my heart in my throat reading this, no wonder my blood pressure is high!! The tension and suspense I felt, especially after the lockdown, kept me on the edge of my seat racing to finish this excellent book!

Jan Turk Petrie – Towards The Vanishing Point

I am honoured to be a part of the Blog Tour for Towards The Vanishing Point, Jan Turk Petrie’s new offering.

Jan Turk Petrie

It is set in the 1930’s, in the North of England and focuses upon two young girls, Stella and Lily, whose friendship transcends the years. It is only after the war when they are both working as auxillary nurses that Lily meets a man, a male nurse called Ben, and falls head over heels. Stella hears things about him that make her doubt the man’s intentions and it’s when she attempts to make Lily understand the negative side of Ben, that the friendship is thoroughy tested.

I was totally swept away back to the 1930’s, to the era of my grandparents and I was engulfed in the journey of Lily and Stella, through the pre-war era, then the wartime and finally, when all should be well, the spectre of unease comes along and has to be dealt with.

I wish I had a friend like Stella, just as Lily has! A story that starts quite light and veers into darker quarters and keeps you wanting to know it all!

Stephen Puleston – A Cold Dark Heart

Book number 8 from Stephen Puleston in the Inspector Drake series, A Cold Dark Heart.

Stephen Puleston

It begins with Drake and the team being called out to a eighty nine year old man, Emyr Isaac, who is found dead, after what seems to be a robbery gone wrong. As the investigation continues, not only does Drake find lots of elderly deaths happening, but he also has to deal with his new boss telling him that HE will be officer in charge of the case and not Drake. As the investigation deepens it seems they are looking for a serial killer, but a serial killer that is placed dangerously closer to the elderly than anyone could know!

A book that is able to be read as a stand alone but, with any series if you start from the beginning you find a depth to the characters. Stephen’s writing, as always has you living in the pages of the story and alongside the characters.

Gretta Mulrooney – Her Lost Sister

The newest instalment of the Tyrone Swift series, makes this number 7! I love Tyrone and his old fashioned ways. He is an ex-Met officer who has turned PI, so he has to do everything his own way, which means trawling through reams of paper and knocking on doors if needed. These ways do produce results!

Gretta Mulrooney

This time Ty finds himself investigating a case after he has visited his Aunt in Ireland! The difference this time is that the victims are related to him! Two sisters get on a ferry and one ends up with permanent brain damage, while the other dies. The one sister that is left wishes to find out who did these terrible things to her sisters. Ty starts digging and realising that one sister had more people who had reasons to kill her than anyone would have thought. The story leads us up some twisty paths and Ty finds he has more work than he expected!
The added problems are brought with Tyrone’s personal life,with his daughter and his present relationship with Nora.

A jam packed story that kept me glued to the book, fast paced and, as always, a great read. Thanks to Joffe books for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

Alex Caan – The Unbroken

I am over the moon to say I am part of the blog tour for Alex Caan’s new release, The Unbroken! This was an absolutely riveting read for me! Loved it!

Alex Caan

We are introduced to two female coppers, DS Moomy Khan and DI Sarah Heaton, who are thrown headlong into a murder case… but not just any murder case! This one is a high profile case, from a very rich and powerful family, The Hayats. It is also a kidnapping case. These two officers do nothing by halves! The eldest son Oscar has recently got married to the beautiful, clever Millie, who is not the typical match for the eldest son of money, she is of colour and poor.

The problems begin when Millie is found dead on Hampstead Heath and Oscar is missing. Sarah and Moomy have to delve into both families and discover all was not as well as it seemed, the perfect facade cracked but papered over.

The speed of which this story moves is fast, with a gritty plot and raising the question of how much can money protect you, from anything, including the law? Moomy and Sarah are doggedly determined to get to the bottom of it all, but at what cost?

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