Stewart Giles – Deadeye

Wow! D.S Jason Smith is back! In his twelfth book… Twelve!!! Stewart Giles has brought us a series of books we cannot get enough of. He has developed a set of characters we all feel we know and love (or hate, depending on the character).

Stewart Giles

In this book, Jason is attempting to fix the mistakes that he made in the previous book, which led to serious consequences for him personally. He has experienced so much bad luck and lost so much, but is still going strong as we always find.

This story begins with Jason having a day off and while walking his dogs he hears screaming. A man has been shot, day off: cancelled! The man had been shot with no ordinary gun but a serious weapon, a long range sniper rifle. This makes it totally different for the team. And then other deaths occur the same way, same type of rifle. This leads to the story going back in time to Afghanistan, then back to the present. The team have a major issue on their hands. Can they solve this mystery before any more people lose their lives?!

With the addition of a new antagonist in the shape of D.I Smyth, who is only the nephew of THE Superintendant Smyth, the biggest idiot in the village you could say. The team aren’t looking forward to a newcomer in their midst while dealing with a lone gunman as well.

Fantasically well researched by Stewart Giles, as always. The story kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page! Am waiting inpatiently for the next book to appear! A massive thanks to Jill Burkinshaw for asking me to be a part of Stewart’s journey with Smith, by being a part of this Blog Tour.

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