Nicholas Rhea – Constable On The Hill

The first book in the Constable series that is being republished by Joffe books. There are a lot of books in the series, 37 to be exact, so plenty to read for us fans!

This is a series of books that the TV series Heartbeat was based on, but I found that the book had differences to the series, so, I didn’t just feel like I was reading the things I had already watched!

Nicholas Rhea

The story begins with Constable Nick Rhea moving into a hilltop police house in Aidensfield (if you watched Heartbeat you know this!) with his wife and family. I found this book as heartwarming and tickled my funny bone as much as the TV series did. I loved being transported back to the good old days when all the trappings of today weren’t even thought of! The characters are so entertaining and, of course, the village copper led a totally different life from today’s police, although they still had crimes to solve and they caught their man, or woman in the end.

Massive thanks to Joffe books and Jill Burkinshaw for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous reboot!

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