Gretta Mulrooney – Her Lost Sister

The newest instalment of the Tyrone Swift series, makes this number 7! I love Tyrone and his old fashioned ways. He is an ex-Met officer who has turned PI, so he has to do everything his own way, which means trawling through reams of paper and knocking on doors if needed. These ways do produce results!

Gretta Mulrooney

This time Ty finds himself investigating a case after he has visited his Aunt in Ireland! The difference this time is that the victims are related to him! Two sisters get on a ferry and one ends up with permanent brain damage, while the other dies. The one sister that is left wishes to find out who did these terrible things to her sisters. Ty starts digging and realising that one sister had more people who had reasons to kill her than anyone would have thought. The story leads us up some twisty paths and Ty finds he has more work than he expected!
The added problems are brought with Tyrone’s personal life,with his daughter and his present relationship with Nora.

A jam packed story that kept me glued to the book, fast paced and, as always, a great read. Thanks to Joffe books for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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