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D.E. White – Glass Dolls

Glass Dolls by D.E White is a belter of a crime thriller, published by Joffe Books and the first in a brand new series too!

D.E. White

Detective Dove Milson is called in to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, who has been discovered encased in glass. This brings back terrifying memories for Dove, as it is not the first “Glass Doll” murder. This is a copycat.

The original “Glass Doll” killer died in prison in 2016. Those cases included Dove’s niece, so this is the worst possible scenario for her! As her investigations deepen, so do the connections to Dove’s own family. The worst moment comes when her other, surviving niece goes missing! Now there is no time to lose, Dove has to find her before she becomes the next “Glass Doll”.

Well what a thrilling and engrossing read! I loved it! Definitely needed to know what happened next, once I started this book. I simply couldn’t stop at the usual “Just one more page”. I was definitely on the edge of my seat at several parts. It is a compulsive read with a great twist!!


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