Stuart James – The House On Rectory Lane

The House on Rectory Lane by Stuart James is a psychological thriller with Jake and Kate, a young married couple with a young son who find they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With this in mind they go viewing a house in a tiny village, it seems to be everything they could ever want and Jake can even make his business work from there. It’s a beautiful large home with, as they find out, no chain. They are able to move in immediately. They find out the family that did live there moved on pretty fast, that fast they actually seem to be missing!

Stuart James

Everything is perfect for them until they hear screams and see a face at the window. The neighbours are a bit TOO friendly for them as well. Jake has a house alarm fitted for peace of mind also. He goes into the attic and discovers a tape. They watch the tape and find the previous family doesn’t seem to have just disappeared, it looks like something horrific happened in the house!

This book isn’t just a thriller, it’s totally creepy as well. A very fast-paced book that was an easy read with a twist I didn’t expect!

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