Victoria Dowd – The Smart Woman’s Guide To Murder

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder is a murder mystery with comedic undertones. Set in the 21st century, the story hails back to the Agatha Christie years. A country house isolated from everywhere, booked for the weekend by a woman’s book club for the weekend. Ursula decides to join her mother and her mother’s friends for the weekend, not that her mother is welcoming the company of her daughter in the slightest!

Victoria Dowd

The motley crew that is the woman’s book club are all as odd as each other and don’t have much in common apart from books but they manage to keep themselves together enough to discuss the actual reason they are together, well occasionally that is!
A body is found within the grounds and it becomes apparent it’s murder, but a snowstorm has already started and they are stuck! No internet signal, no phone signal stranded in isolation with a murderer, what else can go wrong now??

I thoroughly enjoyed Ursula’s commentary, her wit and sarcasm had me laughing. This is a definitely updated and twisted take on the country house mystery stories from years ago. I am looking forward to meeting Ursula and her mother again in the future! With thanks to Joffe Books for letting me be part of the Blog Tour.

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