K.T. Findlay – An Implacable Woman

‘An Implacable Woman’ by K.T Findlay is the second book in the series about Sally Mellors. I haven’t read the first book but was able to thoroughly enjoy this one anyway.

K.T. Findlay

Sally has an alter-ego, which was first introduced back in A Thoughtful Woman. She used her alter-ego to get revenge for her husbands murder. Fresh from that particular adventure Sally and her friends discover that there is a spot of domestic violence occurring by a member of their golf club towards his wife. Sally is able to see that the police’s hands are tied and the abuser will get away with it. She makes the executive decision to bring her murderous alter-ego, Selena back to “play”! yes, playing is a bit more husband killing! The only problem being, the police are getting nearer and nearer, so she finds herself in a situation she didn’t want or expect.

I rather liked Sally, she may be a murderer but she know she only does it to help. One of those characters you know you really should be shaking your head at but all you can do is smile at her antics (murderous they may be!). She has solid friends who she even sometimes lie to them and use a bit of heavy-handed tactics to gain information from them or even an alibi. She even has friends in the Police which has a tendency to come in handy. There are even agents attempting to recruit Selena without result.

A great book for all us thriller people who love a pile of dead bodies turning up at every corner!
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