Kathleen McGurl – The Secret Of The Chateau

The Secret Of The Chateau by Kathleen McGurl is an intriguing dual timeline story which I loved due to the historical aspect, the French Revolution.

Kathleen McGurl

In the Court of Versailles, Pierre and Catherine Aubert, the Comte and Comtesse de Verais are members of the Court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. As the Revolution takes a hold, the family flee to their country Chateau for safety, they hope to stay there. The Revolutionary forces begin to widen their searches and the family are forced to flee their home once again. Events begin to spiral, will the family escape or not?

The present-day story is told by Lu, one of a group of friends who do everything together. One boozy night the idea of buying a house in France is brought up. Lu is one who is less than enthusiastic but the idea becomes reality when they buy a beautiful Chateau in the foothills of the Alps. They move in and begin to explore the village and meet residents. Lu decides she needs something to do and decides to research the history of Chateau D’Aubert, here is where two worlds collide.

Being a history geek, I adored this gentle stroll through the previous centuries of France and the interweaving of the two stories was really well done. I almost felt like I was in the Alps at the Chateau with everyone. I also loved learning about the French Revolution as it is a period of history I don’t know a lot about. Thanks to Rachels Random Resources for my invite onto this leisurely stroll though time with the family D’Aubert and then the Ex-Pats!

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