Louise Burfitt-Dons – The Missing Activist

The Missing Activist by Louise Burfitt-Dons is a political conspiracy thriller set in the U.K. Karen Anderson, a private investigator has been given two different investigative jobs one of finding Robin Miller a volunteer political activist for the Labour Party and the other of tracking down a Jihadi bride recruiter.

Louise Burfitt-Dons

Karen is over the moon that her job is that flexible she is able to experience the diversity in the work she is able to do. The only problem is that, as she starts to dig, she begins to get close to uncovering corruption with the Conservative Party (“Surely not?!”, I hear you shout!) and also a plan to assassinate the Prime Minister by ISIS. She comes to the conclusion her life is on the line.

I found the story very up to date with Brexit and previous terrorist incidents that have happened in the recent years all being in the included with the book. This led to a very realistic and entertaining read with a great plot also. The knowledge needed to make this book ‘real’ is there from the start. I thought it a very thought-provoking read, beginning with many sub-plots and then being woven together to have a very big, shocking conclusion emerge. It also brought the political wranglings of which all parties have been very clearly guilty of in recent years to the fore.

If you enjoy a thriller with a large dollop of political intrigue this will tick every box! A big thank you to Sarah Hardy of Books On The Bright Side Publicity, for letting me read something a ‘bit different’ during this Blog Tour.

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