Alex Callister – Winter Rising

Winter Rising by Alex Callister is the second book in the Winter series. I have not read the first book and found this book to be fine as a standalone, but, by the time you finish this book, I am certain you would rush to read number one, I shall be! This is a definite action-packed, edge of your seat thriller. Think James Bond, but female with even more sass and that’s Winter!

Alex Callister

There is a massive network on the Dark Web named Firestorm. It is a contract killer for hire site. This means there is a rise in murders worldwide and fear and anarchy begins to erupt. The head of Firestorm was uncovered by Winter, he is Alex Konstantin, but he also saved Winter’s life. He is now in hiding in order to survive. Winter is meant to be bringing down Firestorm and Alex with it, but she decides to aim for the top henchman instead, the Guardian.
After a woman is murdered with a message for Winter left in a macabre way. She is determined to find the Guardian. Winter finds herself travelling all over Europe chasing Firestorm and the guardian.
With relentless and high octane action.

The pace never drops throughout and the underlying chemistry between Winter and Alex Konstantin brings something extra to the story. I enjoyed the non-stop action and it is definitely one for the people who enjoy a tense thriller. Thanks to Bookouture Books on tour for making me a part of the tour.

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