Kathryn Casey – The Fallen Girls

‘The Fallen Girls’ by Kathryn Casey is definitely a gripping police crime thriller. Clara Jeffries who escaped from Albar many years previously and vowed never to return is a successful police officer living her life how she wants.

Kathryn Casey

The day comes that she receives a telephone call from an old friend from Albar informing her that her younger sister is missing. Clara immediately rushes back to Albar to aid in the search. Upon arrival she discovers while much has changed, her family has not. Her mother refuses to talk to her and she is stonewalled by law enforcement. These things do not stop her when she hears about 2 other disappearances and a body is found. Clara keeps pushing to find out more.

The Fallen Girls is an interesting read about a section of society I do not know a lot about. It made the book seem as if it was set in a rural, old fashioned era even though it is current times. It is told from dual viewpoints, Clara and Delilah’s, so we see the contrasts between the young rural girl and the worldly, experienced Clara.

I enjoyed the story and the learning of the way of life of the communities in the story and could understand to a degree why they acted in the book as they did. I am glad Clara was stubborn enough to follow it all through, even though she is seen as an outsider upon her return.

A great book with an engrossing plotline and characters that struck a chord with me. Thanks to Bookouture Books-On-Tour for my blog stop on the Blog Tour and Netgalley for the copy of the book.

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