Derek Thompson – Long Shadows

‘Long Shadows’ by Derek Thompson is a crime mystery. We meet Detective Sergeant Craig Wild who has been transferred to Wiltshire from the Met Police for reasons we don’t know. All we do know is he is hoping to find his feet and put the past behind him.

Derek Thompson

What he is up against is the close-knit community who have their own secrets and are not preparing to give them away to an outsider. He is being watched so closely it’s almost claustrophobic! His first case begins with a farmer being discovered shot dead in a field, the consensus is suicide but Craig feels there is more at play and when a second body is found his idea is reinforced. He is also struggling with a case from his time in the Met and is unable to let go.
One person in his new Police force takes a liking to him and that’s P.C Marnie Olsen, they team up as Marnie knows she will learn from Craig and Craig is clever enough to realise she has the local knowledge needed for them to crack the case.

I loved the amount of mysteries in this book, always thinking I knew who the perpertator was then something else happened to make me change my mind. I was engrossed in the story throughout and am hoping Derek brings the duo of D.S Wild and P.C Olsen back soon! Thanks to Joffe Books and Jill Burkinshaw for asking me to be a part of the Blog Tour.

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