Helen Durrant – Dead Wicked

‘Dead Wicked’ by Helen Durrant is the next outing for D.S Tom Callandine and D.S Ruth Bayliss, their tenth book set in Leesworth a fictional Northern town. As always with Helen’s books, you are able to just dip in and out but you will only end up wanting to read every book in the series.

Helen Durrant

This time Callandine has been promoted to Acting D.C.I, but it is getting on his every nerve preferring to be out and about, hitting the ground running. The only trouble is when you wish for something it doesn’t always come true the way you wish either! A familiar face he ain’t too keen in appears on the horizon. Alongside work issues, he has a few more personal ones to deal with too, as well as an ex-con who has his sights set firmly on Callandine for putting him away and seems to be involved in the current case. As always with Helen’s books, there are multiple things happening and we are in the thick of it, that’s what I love about her books!

A excellent addition to the series and am looking forward to seeing how Callandine copes with his new D.C.I moving forward. Thank you to Joffe Books for the copy of the book for this excellent blog tour.

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