S.W. Kane – The Bone Jar

‘The Bone Jar’ by S.W Kane is an atmospheric and chilling debut novel that had me from the first few pages. A snowstorm, an abandoned asylum and the discovery of a body…what else do you need to set the scene? I was spooked out immediately. With the exception of one man who lives within the grounds, there is nothing and no one near. The police come to the conclusion this case is not going to be cut and dried anytime soon.

S.W. Kane

We are introduced to D.I Lew Kirby who is the detective working on the case along with his partner D.I Pete Anderson. They identify the body as an ex-nurse who spent her retirement visiting local hospices, the detectives can’t find anyone who can say a bad word about her but this doesn’t marry with her being left in the old asylum in any way, surely someone out there has a grudge. A mobile phone is found at the scene which leads the detectives to search for the owner, an Edward Blake and discover someone is searching for him also.

Connie Darke, an urban explorer or Urbex, was meant to meet Edward at the asylum and he did not turn up so she has been looking for him since. Connie is interviewed by D.I Kirby and D.I Anderson in light of their enquiry but as the case goes on another body is discovered and Connie gets drawn into the investigation herself.

All the secrets and dark pasts start to come to the fore and reveal a disturbing set of truths as the case unfolds. I was so creeped out at times but could not put the kindle down! It was all worth the spookiness as I arrived at the final portion of the book. The pace racks up and I was dying to know what was going to happen! The twists were great and the finale was intense.

The characters were well drawn out and I easily warmed to them. I loved how Lew could not stand his police issue Corsa and Pete had his lucky rabbits foot, made me giggle a bit. Their chemistry was fantastic and in turn, their team are spurred on by them. A great plot that, as I said, held me from beginning to end and I would absolutely love to go on another spooky adventure with Lew and Pete, any day! Thanks go to Random Things Tours and Netgalley for allowing me to on this blog tour and for the copy of The Bone Jar, a chilling debut!

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