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Jane Adams – Safe

Safe by Jane Adams is the beginning of a new thriller series with D.I Toby Clarke and D.S Petra Merrow. If this is the start all I can say is Jane has hit the ground running with this book!

Jane Adams

Seventeen-year-old Lauren Sykes is on the run and she better not get caught. Her crime boss dad arranged for her to marry into another crime family but when her “Fiance” tries to rape her she kills him, so she has her own father and The Perrins after her. She throws herself on D.S Petra Merrow’s mercy but a shady cop finds out and Petra has no other option but to go to D.I Toby Clarke. All they can hope is that Toby can be trusted.

Well! What can I say? I read this book in one day, I was totally hooked within a minute of reading. I really felt for Lauren, left with no options apart from running away at seventeen, as a mum it killed me to sit and not be able to help. The fact that when she stopped being useful to her father, she became disposable makes this a sometimes horrific read for me as well.

Petra and Toby well, these two officers have started very well in my book and I am looking forward to their next adventure because this one ticked every box for me! It had my heart pounding with the suspense-filled story. Jane has not let me down with her new characters and


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