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Stewart Giles – Blood On The Island

Blood On The Island by Stewart Giles heralds a brand new series from the creator of the fabulous D.S Jason Smith series. I started reading this book hoping Stewart had managed to make a character as great as his past series have been, I don’t even know why I thought it possible that he wouldn’t bring another charismatic character for us all to get attached to!

Stewart Giles

D.I. Liam O’Reilly has transferred from Dublin to Guernsey from the special detective unit. He has just managed to arrive on Guernsey when the body of a man is washed up ashore. Then a few days later another body appears. O’Reilly really starts thinking could this be connected to him in any way? He decided to transfer due to his own complicated problems and both himself and his daughter have been threatened and there is a possibility a debt has to be settled with more than money!

This is another series I am going to love if this book is anything to go by. Stewart has a knack of creating characters such as O’Reilly and Smith that you can empathise with and understand why they do as they do, good or bad (usually anyway). They are very real and the storyline is a solid one with all the suspense, twists and turns you expect when reading a thriller. Well done Stewart, I am going to love Liam too! Thank you to Jill Burkinshaw, Joffe Books and finally Stewart Giles for letting me be a part of Blood On The Island blog tour.


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