Jonathan Wilkins – Utrecht Snow & Utrecht Rain [Double Review]

Utrecht Snow‘ by Jonathan Wilkins is a police procedural set in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

This is the first book in a series set in Utrecht the second one being Utrecht Rain. This Blog Tour being a double book tour I shall be giving you my thoughts on both books today. I was eager to read these books due to, number one, the cover and number two, just because they are actually set in The Netherlands. My family and I usually spend time in The Netherlands as my husband is Dutch and we have family there.

The story incorporates a lot of Dutch words and for me, it made the books more authentic as I can understand them also. I could see the inclusion of the Dutch maybe making the book a bit of hard work to read for people with no knowledge of the language, but for me, it enhanced the story.
Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda and his team are on the case of women going missing from the Universiteit. None of the women are connected, only that none of them have anyone who cares enough to report their disappearance to the police. Alongside this, Heda’s daughter Truus Heda has decided she has had enough of Universiteit and begins an apprenticeship with a private investigator Thijs Orman, an ex-policeman who left under a cloud and whose daughter is one of those missing. With this in mind Caes, Thijs and Truus begin to work together. Truus is an independent strong girl but finds herself in a situation she cannot get out of. The outcome of this is that Truus is added to the list of missing women in the city, but does this make this case way too personal for both Thijs and Caes and his team?

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the unique setting of the book and I thought Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda along with his daughter and Thijs were all characters that I would enjoy getting to know some more, all I can say is I am thankful there is yet a second book. In conclusion, I think Utrecht Rain is an excellent example of using a totally different country and culture in a refreshing way for a police procedural and a well-paced story which kept me intrigued throughout.

Jonathan Wilkins

Utrecht Rain, the second book in the Hoofdinspecteur Caes Heda series and an attack on members of Caes’s team throws us back into Utrecht with a bang.

This attack adds extra work onto the Hoofdinspecteur’s already busy caseload. Two bank robberies and then a murder gave them enough to contend with. I love being in Utrecht for these books, I again, was totally engrossed in the book. This time we have all the members from the first book but added to the mix is AIVD, the General Intelligence and Security Service within The Netherlands. In Utrecht Rain, we begin to get to know a lot more about all the characters and Truus especially, who we see working her way through her apprenticeship with Thijs as a Private Investigator.

I really enjoyed this book and will be waiting for a third Utrecht to be published. Thanks to Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and Jonathan Wilkins for the copy of both books.

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