Charlie Gallagher – The Deadly Houses

‘The Deadly Houses’ by Charlie Gallagher is the sixth book in the Maddie Ives series. Charlie is a serving Police Detective and let me tell you, it shines through. Every book I read from Charlie is always the best and I never think he can top the particular book I am reading at that time…then, BAM, out comes another corker!

Charlie Gallagher

This instalment begins with a flashback to eighteen months previously where the police are doing a house raid and all the while a small traumatised young boy is beating his drum to block out the noise of his dad battering his mum. Fast forward eighteen months and a man presents himself at the police station in order to confess to murdering a woman, he has all the details of where and when. DC Rhiannon Davis isn’t certain this is a hoax or what and DS Maddie Ives, when she arrives the day after is the same. Maddie feels he may be covering for someone else, but that remains to be seen.

Charlie has chosen a topic that is still as rife as always and a very touchy subject, domestic violence and has dealt with it perfectly within the storyline. The authenticity with which he writes makes it feel so real and it gripped me from the prologue. I love Maddie anyway from previous books she has starred in but, boy this book has made him a shining star in my eyes! Another fab book, can’t wait for her next outing. Thanks to

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