Will Carver – Hinton Hollow Death Trip

‘Hinton Hollow Death Trip’ by Will Carver is the third book in the Detective Pace series, but I must state now, this is the first Will Carver in this series that I have read, to date. I now really think I need to fill the gap in my life that Will Carver has now managed to find, after reading this book. If you like your stories dark and not the run of the mill type, Will Carver is here to put that right.

Will Carver

Hinton Hollow Death Trip is written from a different perspective and I loved it! Hinton Hollow itself is quite a small town and it has a visitor that seems to be enjoying himself there. Evil has decided to pay the town a visit and Evil is who narrates the story, so make sure you are sitting comfortably because the reader is on the ride with Evil from here on in.
As Evil does, he has added a sense of his darkness along with all the negative emotions and bad things you can think of. Along comes DS Pace, needing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, just needing peace and quiet…well, I think he picked the wrong place!

This is one of the most original stories in the dark thriller genre that I have read. Will Carver is certainly excellent at bringing Evil to life. This book really kept me on the edge of my seat, and at one point I really thought I had forgot my blood pressure medication my heart was racing so much! I was rather jumpy when reading this book, the sense of evil actually coming to get me made for a creepy, sometimes disturbing read. Thank you to Orenda Books for giving me a copy of this book for the blog tour today, I loved being part of it.

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