Stewart Giles – The Raven Girl

‘The Raven Girl’ by Stewart Giles is a new instalment in the Harriet Taylor/Jason Smith series. This one sees Jason in York with his wife and child when he receives a phone call from Trotterdown in Cornwall giving him traumatic news and requesting him to help with an investigation. As always, with Jason Smith, we have a great character but combined in the same book with Harriet Taylor we are guaranteed a cracker!

Stewart Giles

Jason decides, against his and his wife’s better judgement to travel back to Trotterdown to deal with an investigation that could possibly be linked with mystical symbolism. Cowie seashells found in the pockets of murdered men. These seashells can be used by gipsy women to signify feminine strength and power, so leads the team to consider a woman killer.
The story, as always moves at a pace that is always satisfying with any Stewart Giles story. The twists come thick and fast and the bodies keep showing up. The story is a definite creep-fest, mystical symbols, shells, snakes, even a raven watching! This story shows Stewart has done excellent research and brought a book that can make us jump at the slightest noise, especially when we stay up into the night, just to finish “one more chapter”!

I always love a Stewart Giles story and it’s even better when you get two protagonists for the price of one! Thanks to Stewart and Joffe Books for the copy of The Raven Girl and to Jill for asking me on Stewarts blog tour for this explosive book!

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