Karl Drinkwater – 2000 Tunes

‘2000 Tunes’ by Karl Drinkwater is a novel that I absolutely adored, and not just because it’s set in my hometown of Manchester! I read this and I felt like I was having a trip down memory lane.

Karl Drinkwater

The story revolves around Mark, the odd one out. He has a normal, boring job, a couple of mates and his own place. His dad and brother are both as crazy as each other and drag him right down. He obsesses with music to enable him to escape and the music comes from the city of Manchester, or as we were known back then “Madchester”. He meets Sam in the Summer of 2000, a Welsh girl from his office work, but Mark being Mark feels he is not good enough for her. He daren’t even think something may go his way…it never does!

A well-spun tale of self-confidence, choices, family loyalty and marks place in that. I loved that music was the overriding theme for each bit of the book and I found myself really getting attached to Mark with his love of Manchester and our brilliant music scene then. Thank you to Karl Drinkwater and Books On The Bright Side for the copy of the book and my place on the blog tour I loved every second of 2000 Tunes!

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