Margaret Murphy – Before He Kills Again

‘Before He Kills Again’ by Margaret Murphy is a brand new detective series. Cassie Rowan is a young, pretty fresh detective and is a woman willing to go out on a limb to get results, the only problem being she sometimes doesn’t wait for the team to get involved.

Margaret Murphy

A serial rapist is walking the streets of Liverpool, targeting mainly prostitutes. He leaves them alive but no one is able to identify him, but he leaves them wrapped in a fur stole leading to his name The Furman. Cassie seems to think she has the right man in her sight but everyone, including her superiors, do not agree. Has she found the right perpetrator or not?

I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent book, plenty of suspense and mystery to keep me reading. Cassie is a great new character, feisty and independent and the book portrays the struggle women can have in certain jobs these days. Thank you to Joffe Books for the copy of the book for me to take part in the blog tour today.

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