Deborah Klee – The Borrowed Boy

‘The Borrowed Boy’ by Deborah Klee is an emotional book which will pull at your heartstrings while being humorous at the same time.

Deborah Klee

Angie Winkle is at a crossroads in her life, she is waiting for test results and feels that this is it for her. She decides to go down memory lane and visit Jaywick Sands, on the journey there she finds a lost little boy. Angie takes it upon herself to take him with her on her trip. We have the story from the two perspectives, Angie and the little boys mum Nikoleta. Two women who seem totally different but really have much more in common than first anticipated.

We see how Angie actually makes friends in Jaywick due to her having the “borrowed boy”, not a normal thing for her. A beautiful book that has themes of loneliness, the struggles of immigrants, community and the inclusiveness that brings. A story of two sides, Angie not realising that Nikoleta would be worrying and she has just kidnapped her son.

A debut book that is engaging, has great characters and highlights the sad themes of today for an awful lot of people. Thank you to Rachels Random Resources and Deborah Klee for the ARC to take part in this blog tour.

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