Thorne Moore – The Covenant

‘The Covenant’ by Thorne Moore is a historical fiction story set at the end of the 19th century and the subsequent years. I have never read Thorne Moore’s work previously and the blurb for the book, along with the cover just spoke volumes to me.

Thorne Moore

It is the story of the Owen family, who have twenty-four acres, one rood and eight perches of land in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Thomas, the father is a God-fearing man and holds dear the holding of the covenant with God. He makes sure his family are keeping up the ethos also, this is made even harsher and violent in the aftermath of tragedy for the family. Leah, his daughter, Frank his youngest son and his grandson, John are all affected so badly it impacts on their life. This book follows them and in particular Leah, who does her best to keep the covenant, keep a hold on their land and attempt to stop her brothers slide any further into a Godless life.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the descriptive writing, it gave me a sense of being there with the Owens struggling to keep the covenant and all the other struggles they have. I am aware of the hardships the previous centuries brought to the people and this book opened my eyes even more to the terrible ways of history. Leah is, as always in families like this the major caregiver as well as attempting to keep the family together and also keep the land. We see her letting go of dreams piece by piece as the story develops. I really empathised with her from the start but this was the predestined path for females at this time. I enjoyed the mix of characters including scary Eli, we see the good and the downright horrible all having their place in the story.

We see Leah mature and the tension climbs as she has to make hard decisions in life and she as she is betrayed by those she would never expect.

I think it is a beautifully crafted story which depicts the times of hardship for families back then. Thank you to Random Things Tours and the publisher for the book today.

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