Stewart Giles – Motive

Motive by Stewart Giles is the thirteenth book in the Jason Smith series. Well, what can be said about this series? Fantastic for a start! Love Smith and the team.
In this particular book, Smith and Whetton are having some well deserved time off with their daughter. Yes, you know it, they get a call and they are needed, like yesterday, back at work.

Stewart Giles

A man has been found with his throat cut, in no time at all the bodies start appearing but the team are struggling to find a connection. or motive. These killings seem random with no reason for the murders. At the same time, there is someone leaking information to the press which further muddies the water.

Has Jason Smith met his match?
Anybody who keeps up with my blog knows I love Smith and I think this is Stewart’s best book yet! With many thanks to Stewart for the copy of Motive for the blog tour, also thank you to Joffe Books for having me on the tour today.

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