Richard Dee – The Hitman And The Thief

‘The Hitman And The Thief’ by Richard Dee is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller.

Richard Dee

Dan Jones is a hitman or “problem solver” for Fliss, his boss on the planet Gallix. He has a target for his next job, Kalindra, Fliss’s rival. The only problem is it all messes up with a chance encounter with Lydia, a small-time thief. They get away but Fliss decides that the job still needs doing and it will be done with Dan and Lydia as a duo. I was thrown headlong into the action from page one and it doesn’t slow down. A really thrilling read from the start!

Dan, as we know, is a hitman for Fliss and is in a relationship with Hesta, Fliss’s go-to girl. As the story evolves we see Dan is a man who is a likeable character and his loyalty is unswerving. His back story gives us a good idea of why he as ended up in the job he is. The inclusion of his back story really creates a fuller picture of him and brought him to life in my mind. I found I was rooting for him all the time. Hoping this pair could pull it off and have no repercussions. I even enjoyed Lydia’s character, she may be a thief but she gains Dan’s trust and isn’t scared to speak her mind either.

This sci-fi thriller was a proper page-turner, I really was finding any time to pick it back up and carry on with Dan and Lydia on their mission. A story of action and twists that kept on coming made for a really enjoyable read for me.

Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Richard Dee for the book to take part in the blog tour today.

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