Michael Hambling – Ruthless Crimes

‘Ruthless Crimes’ by Michael Hambling is the ninth DCI Sophie Allen book in the series. Sophie and her teamwork in the Dorset Police Violent Crime unit.

Michael Hambling

A man is discovered stabbed to death in a train carriage, it becomes Sophie and her team’s investigation. All they can find is that the man has been renting his house from the government. Another body is found and all the information leads to the same place as the first man, with a house rented from the government. A boat has capsized full of migrants and something links everything together, but what? Sophie and her team have their work cut out and hands that are full of these investigations and not just because shady government departments seem to be involved.
Ruthless Crimes is another hit with Micheal Hambling going for the big guns in today’s world. Illegal human trafficking with the poor people who are desperate and the traffickers who play on that and the vulnerability. I really was glad of the list of people in the book that has been made for us! It can be a complicated story, with so many strands and characters that the list does help.

The story is mainly told from the police POV but occasionally, we are given bits from the killer that expands our understanding of motive without us finding out who the actual person is.

I love the teamwork and banter between the team and even when other teams become involved it is just as easy going. Another cracker from Michael Hambling yet again.

Thank you to Joffe Books and Books n All Promotions for the book to review for today.

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