Anne Pettigrew – Not The Deaths Imagined

‘Not The Deaths Imagined’ by Anne Pettigrew is the follow up to Not The Life Imagined. It is set about 30 years after the first book, so you are able to read it as a standalone, although, I much appreciated reading both books back to back as it gave me insight into Beth as a medical student in her younger days.

Anne Pettigrew

Beth, who I love from the first book anyway, is a great character and as we land in the 1990s, is a GP, wife and mother and has a busy established practice. We see some friends from her younger days pop up in this book too, so at least I was familiar with them. She is a caring person to all, including her patients. We discover there is another GP who is the exact opposite and is aiding the deaths of the richer patients.

This may seem far fetched to some, but when you live in Greater Manchester and can recall Harold Shipman, a serial killer that was a GP in our area in the same era, it becomes more believable, especially when told from a former GP, such as Anne also. It just shows how easily it can be done.

Not The Deaths Imagined is as good, if not better than Not The Life Imagined. A crime fiction story again based upon the medical profession and the quality shines through. We have all the family dramas as well as twists in the story that keep coming as the tension rises through the book until we are racing towards the end! By this time nobody could have pried the Kindle from my hands.
In Conclusion, an excellent plot and characters that are relatable and definitely fully developed. I hope Anne writes another Beth Semple book soon!

Massive thanks to Damp Pebbles blog tours and the publisher for my gifted copy of the book for today’s review.

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