Judi Daykin – Under Violent Skies

‘Under Violent Skies’ by Judi Daykin is a crime thriller that is definitely a good read! Judi Daykin is a brand new author for me and she didn’t disappoint!

Judi Daykin

We meet DS Sara Hirst, a woman who has just received a promotion and decided to transfer out of the MET to Norfolk, she joins the Serious Crime Squad. When she arrives she realises she isn’t welcome, they expected her position to be given to one of their own. Sara has her work cut out for her now!

Sara has her own agenda for wanting to be in Norfolk, and it isn’t for the quiet life. She is searching for her father, who left when she was a toddler and her mother won’t talk about him. As she begins working cases of the usual country stuff, stolen tractors and the like she finds that the locals also see her as an outsider too, and so begins the abuse she has to suffer. Her first murder case is an ex-copper, whose name sounds familiar to Sara, we shall see.

I really enjoyed this book and was it was interesting to see how Sara reacted to the new environment and the people in it. I am hoping Judi has another Sara instalment soon. I am dying to see how things unfold in the future!

Thank you to Joffe Books for the copy of the book for my review today.

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