Lily Hayden – Coming Back To You

‘Coming Back To You’ by Lily Hayden is such an emotional love story, I was immersed in Emma and Ryans story immediately. Anyone who loves a good love story will adore this one. We even get to see the burgeoning love from the day they actually meet, as well as experiencing the heartbreak of Emma when Ryan betrays her in the worst a
way and then compounds it by disappearing.

The story spans the years and we see Emma, a successful artist and a family, but still, she has that little part of her heart reserved for Ryan and they do meet again. A recurring theme with Ryan is his ability to have secrets, that he is unwilling to share, so again, Emma makes the decision and it is heartbreak time. I was so emotional reading this book constantly, Lily Hayden seems to know just how to twist a knife a little bit more!

I loved seeing Emma develop over the years, from the young naive girl to a fully grown woman, aware of her needs versus responsibilities. The struggle to do the correct thing showed me her determination as we neared the end of this story that just tramples all over your heart and then picks it up and repeats the process over and over. True love has to be worth a trampled heart occasionally…doesn’t it? Or why do we do it? That is what this book showcases and does it well.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and Lily Hayden for the copy of this emotional love story for my review today.

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