Sarah-Ella Ozbek – The High Moments

‘The High Moments’ by Sarah-Ella Ozbek is a debut novel that allows us to have a peek into the world of fashion that is rather like a shooting star, one minute it’s bright and glittery and the next minute it has been snuffed out so easily. This industry is as fickle as it comes, friends can be enemies at the drop of a hat.

Sarah-Ella Ozbek

We are thrown headlong into this story with Scarlett, who is a very intriguing woman although a bit on the touchy side. She is desperate to get away from her home town and find her way in the fashion world but is rejected by every designer she tries. Instead, she ends up working for Pure, a modelling booking agency. Well, I was along for the ride by now, dying to know which direction she was going in. Scarlett throws herself into the life wholeheartedly, making a number of car crash decisions, by this time I wanted to save her from herself. I truly understand the title of the book now…’high moments’, Scarlett takes that literally, plenty of drugs, sex and all the decisions that make her seem self-absorbed and airheaded. She does eventually see the light, so to speak, and realises the damage she is causing to herself and peoples opinions of her too.

I was engrossed in Scarlett’s journey into the darker side of the fashion industry and sat reading hoping she wasn’t going to make the wrong decisions time after time. While feeling like I was actually at all these parties with her attempting to be the sane one!

A fabulous look at the fashion industry, darker side and all. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Scarlett.

Thank you to Random Things Tours and the publisher for my copy of this enlightening book for my review today.

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