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Don Simkovich & Lon Casler Bixby – Subterfuge

‘Subterfuge’ is a brand new series for me and it is the fifth book in the series as well, but I dove straight in and was right in the story with LAPD detectives Tom Stone and Jake Sharpe as they find themselves sent to a Malibu beach where mysterious blue containers have been washed up.

At the beginning of the book we read about containers of cocaine being transferred from a boat via fishing nets onto a small submarine near a hidden sea cave by the Channel Islands National Park off the coast of California. An explosion is heard from the sub as it moves away. All that is found from the sub is one survivor, a poor Mexican fisherman, Luis Delgado. They discover him and his son were taken against their will and made to work, with the promise of payment, and Luis knew that he had no choice anyway. He recounts how a rival cartel the Ojos Cartel attacked the sub and ordered all the workers out, Luis and his son Eddie dived into the sea for self-preservation.

What ensues is a thrilling, action and mob packed investigation of human trafficking within the dark world of drugs. My attention was grabbed from the first page in this fast-paced and thrilling book. It was a rollercoaster of a read with twists and turns aplenty. The authors realistic and brilliant storytelling had me feeling like part of the story and that is the key to a great book. A brilliant introduction to a new series for me.

Thanks to Books n All Promotions for inviting me on the blog tour and both authors for the copy of Subterfuge to write my review.


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