Ashley Meggitt – The Dark Chorus

‘The Dark Chorus’ by Ashley Meggitt is a book that combines a bit of everything – there was mystery, intrigue, drama, fantasy, dark humour and a large dollop of horror. A story that all I can say is “Wow”! I have read some superb books over 2020 and this counts among them.

Ashley Meggitt

I opened this book on kindle and that was me, done! It took me all my time to tear myself away and do ‘normal’ things.

The Dark Chorus begins in The Boy’s world, the boy can see the lost souls of the afterlife and is desperately trying to free the soul of his dead mother, at first this goes very wrong for the boy but the people who all affect his life in one way or another are introduced to us.

We have, Eve the police psychologist, Makka, a violent angry young man and an abused girl Vee.
The three teens form an unlikely friendship and we follow them as they find their way through the world attempting to collect corrupt souls and restore the angel whilst battling their demons and trying to avenge those who have wronged each one of them. Their friendship is one that develops as Makka and Vee become as important as The Boy, to the story.

A story that has no half measures, one that has you there from the first page and demands your full attention, Ashley Meggitt got mine! The Dark Chorus is an almost anxiety-inducing dark and gritty story, that kept me on the very edge of my seat.
Ashley Meggitt uses colours within the novel to give information, the way the colours allow The Boy and the reader to see into the souls of others, I liked this as I love visualisation and it created a picture in my head.

All in all, The Dark Chorus is a book that, once you have read you can’t get it out of your head. It made it’s mark, like a lot of other DarkStroke Books published this year.

Thank you to Rachel’ Random Resources, DarkStroke Books and Ashley Meggitt for my copy of the book to give you my thoughts today on this great book.

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