Andrew Field – All Down The Line

‘All Down the Line’ by Andrew Field is a book that had me from the start. A crime thriller that is set in Manchester it grabbed me immediately.

Andrew Field

Cain Bell finds himself up against an organised crime family, when all he wants is the truth.
Cain’s 10-year-old daughter lost her life in a hit and run. The driver didn’t stop at the scene but later came forward to confess, just before he passes away from prostate cancer. This event causes Cains marriage to disintegrate. He spends his life lost until he meets April.

Twenty years later, Cain asks April to marry him one evening in their joint venture, Red Manifesto, a restaurant that they are successfully running in Manchester. April accepts but tells him she needs to disclose something she knows about his daughters death all them years ago. Before she has a chance to tell him, they are attacked on the canal path on the way home. April is severely injured, in a coma and not even expected to come around.

Cain begins his quest to find out the information April was unable to tell him. This means digging up old dirt and upsetting people he would never imagine he would. The further he digs the more dangerous it becomes. He is digging up secrets that the most feared crime family in Manchester don’t want uncovering anytime soon.

As I have already said I was there with Cain straight away. I felt for him, his wife-to-be in a coma, the surprises that keep on surprising. He didn’t know whether he was coming or going half the time. The majority of the characters aren’t really likeable but I was rooting for Cain all the way.

I enjoyed the setting of the story, the familiar places and streets rolling out of the pages kept me well connected as I could picture them. A gritty, well-written story with twists that keep you guessing and if you like a gang crime story with the violence or threat of it this is a good read too.

Thanks to Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and Andrew Field for the copy of the book for my review today.

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