Dylan Young – Trauma

‘Trauma’ by Dylan Young is a psychological medical-based thriller and his latest stand-alone book. Cameron is still attempting to come to terms with an accident on holiday that ended with his girlfriend dying and him suffering severe injuries.

Dylan Young

Nearly a year on, he is still dealing with the physical aspects of his recovery, but more worrying is the mental conditions it has caused for him. He has been experiencing fugues and amnesia, Cameron is uncertain about the accident and the hallucinations he experiences during his fugues cause him to question was the accident an accident or was it a deliberate act? With the UK about to go into lockdown due to COVID-19, his support network is more of a hazy thing than something solid, he decides to investigate what happened, himself.

The thing that I have always noticed when reading Dylan Young book is that he always creates a superb story by skillfully blending fact and fiction. Cameron was a character that invokes sympathy, due to his medical needs since the accident and he is an outspoken character too. This creates a realism that has you hooked to discover what really happened to Cameron and his girlfriend. Dylan Young brings the fugues to the reader and you find yourself attempting to work it out as Cameron is. Great way to hold us!

The inclusion of the pandemic really makes for a realistic story, we all lived it and the mentioning of it gives us a solid place to feel more like we are part of Cameron’s journey. Another excellent book from Dylan Young, one that holds you within the suspense and mystery of the pages until the end.

Thank you to Random Things Tours and Dylan Young for my copy of the book.

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