Suzanne Rogerson – The Lost Sentinel

‘The Lost Sentinel’ by Suzanne Rogerson is a fantasy story that is the start of a series. I have never read or listened to any of Suzanne’s work previously so this was my first foray into her fantasy worlds.

Suzanne Rogerson

This story is set in the magical island of Kalaya and the main character is Tei, a young girl, who is the daughter of a tailor. A mysterious man visited her father one night with a warning that they had to leave for the mountains. Masked raiders and the assembly are on the hunt with anyone with magical bloodlines and powers. Tei and her father manage to escape from their town. On their mission to the mountains, they get surrounded by their captors until Rike and Garrick a couple of amazing characters help them.

Tei and her father arrive in Turak, a village in the mountains and obviously her life is turned on its head. She has a visit from the Elders who give her the task of finding a new sentinel for her island and it’s people before it and they die. This sends Tei, Rike and Garrick on another journey in which she has to find the sentinel and get return them to the island will they be able to do this before time runs out?

A story in which the author’s world-building is exceptional, I was immersed in Tei’s story from beginning to end and the characters were fantastically developed. I thought Rike and Garrick were great! The fantasy world with the quest for Tei kept me gripped and I needed to know what would happen before I stopped listening. I plan to read the next book in the series as soon as I am able.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Suzanne Rogerson for my audio version of ‘The Lost Sentinel’.

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