Sally Rigby – Silent Graves

‘Silent Graves’ by Sally Rigby is the ninth book in the Cavendish and Walker series.

Sally Rigby

DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Georgina Cavendish end up working together on Whitney’s latest case. One in which the murders happened in the 1980s and Whitney is limited to solving it in two weeks, due to spending power and this is her first case with her new team. These two women join forces and their digging unearths truths that are not staying in the past…they are spinning through the years to the present day. Will this case be the trigger to bring Whitney’s new team together or not?

Again, Sally Rigby has brought us another instalment that makes me feel I am back with friends. I am particularly fond of Walker and Cavendish due to their strength, determination and even feistiness from time to time. I am so happy Sally Rigby keeps bringing us more of this series, it is gripping every time. It never gets boring! Nine books in and I am as interested in this book as I was in the first. The stories are always fresh and teeming with intrigue and mystery just as it’s predecessor. This time we are, as Whitney is also, introduced to new characters which brings about another strand to the story as well.

A series that I always love returning to and is still as good if not better as it develops. Highly recommended read.

Thanks to @sallyrigby4, #damppebbles and the publisher for the copy of the book for @damppebblesblogtours today.

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