Owen Mullen – Family

‘Family’ by Owen Mullen is a gritty, gangland thriller that gripped me as I read the first page. I was plunged into the world through the eyes of the Glass family. There are three members, Danny, Luke and Nina Glass.

Owen Mullen

We join the Glass family as Luke is released from prison where he has finished his sentence for the vengeance he wrought after his older brother Danny’s wife and child were killed by a bomb detonating on the car they were in. Luke wants nothing more than to leave the gangland life he has lived and breathed until his prison sentence, he just needs Danny to let him leave.

His brother is the most feared person in South London, everyone is just a puppet in his hands – nobody tells Danny Glass no and expects to live – not even DCI Oliver Stanford, a rising star within the Met and as bent a copper as you will ever find! The way Danny sees it, his younger brother and sister Nina owe him everything due to him bringing them up. The price he demands is loyalty, and a war with their arch enemy gives him the leverage he needs to tie Luke to the family once more.

As the story unfolds Luke feels tied to Danny still, until everything comes to a head, Luke cannot forgive the final act that Danny has done and it puts them up against each other. Only Nina, the younger sister may be able to defuse the situation, but can she?
As I said, I was gripped immediately as I began to read. There is nothing I like better than a good old Gangland thriller to make my day pass quicker! This is the first book of Owen’s I have read and I already put him up there with the likes of Kimberley Chambers and Mandasue Heller! The pace of this book is perfect and the twists, well, you just need to read it, as I am not about to even hint at them! Just know, they took my breath away!

An absolute belter of a book and I am so grateful I was offered a place in this Blog tour by Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources. Thank you so much! Also Boldwood Books for the copy of Owen’s book so I could be part of the #BoldwoodBloggers today.

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