S.C. Cunningham – The Deal

‘The Deal’ by S.C. Cunningham is a fantasy story with a fresh take on avenging angels. A story that I must warn you of triggers such as domestic abuse, child abuse and abuse in general. With this in mind, it is a gritty on the edge storyline, that is quite dark at times.

Amy Fox is four years old when she is abducted. She makes a deal with God that when she dies she will help catch the ‘baddies’ the police can’t. 28 years later Amy passes away and discovers the deal made when she was four, does indeed exist. She finds herself working to protect the ‘erthfolk’ with Jack a mysterious hunk of an ‘angel’ as what is known as a Fallen.
Well, what a ride this book is! Not only are they just protecting the people alive they are dealing with all sorts of scum, the book does deal with all the abusers you can think off as Amy and the team get to work on them. I loved the chemistry between Amy and Jack, it made for a great partnership. Amy herself is a flawed girl anyway as she is still a little damaged from her abduction as well as having a rebellious streak. There is even a computer hacker in the team! Pyke who had his mission to deal with the drug dealers… absolutely fantastic!

This story just kept on giving for me, what Amy classified as ‘baddies’ back when she was four are a little bit more for me, horrible stomach clenching individuals who, in my opinion, needed despatching a long time ago but at least the team got ’em. I think it would be a good idea if God fancies setting up a supernatural team anytime soon, get rid of the scum! Save filling the prisons!

For me a fantastic listen even if the abuse was a tad graphic, it hit the point it was made to hit. Just be aware of this if you aren’t keen on this type of stuff. Brilliantly narrated too.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and S.C Cunningham for the audiobook for the blitz today and allowing me to be here.

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