Karl Drinkwater – It Will Be Quick

‘It Will be Quick’ by Karl Drinkwater is a collection of sixteen short stories. Every story is as individual as the other, each thought-provoking in their own way. Stories that involve a decision to be made that impacts either positively or negatively.

Karl Drinkwater

The themes include loss, survival, hope and realisation, just to name a few. I thought the fact that the people in all of these stories had every possibility of being real, they could be your next-door neighbour or a cousin. The situations were ones that anyone could find themselves in.

The stories I enjoyed include Below The Surface which tells the tale of two strangers stranded at sea. They are waiting to be rescued with water levels rising and tides turning. Then there is The Boy, Dominic realising far too late he should have gone to see him before he died. His memories of an Uncle who meant more to him than he ever thought. A sad tale but meaningful in its message. Some of the stories are sad and sinister and had me intrigued to learn more of what the book held in its pages.

I really could give you feedback on every single story, but I think this is one book you need to have your own experience of every single story. At the end of the book Karl Drinkwater has included notes on what inspired this collection, I liked that he had done that, it seemed to make every story personal to the author.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Karl Drinkwater for the copy of the book

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