Sylvia Broady – Daughter Of The Sea

‘Daughter Of The Sea’ by Sylvia Broady is a historical fiction novel and one that drew me in with the cover and the synopsis.

Sylvia Broady

We meet Jessica who is grieving for the loss of her dad – Jacob Kingdom, a popular trawler owner. During a family discussion that gets very heated, she finds herself being thrown out of her family home and cast out of the family. All she has left is a terrible secret she keeps. She comes across a group of strangers who take her in and make her feel wanted and loved again. The charms of one trawler man makes Jessica feel even more wanted too. Her brother is now running the family and he is anything but a quiet and peaceful man. Jessica begins to fear that the unease and tension her brother is causing will make the people she is living in and spending her days with to cast her out too. She throws herself into being a useful member of her community while still harbouring that dark secret that hung ominously over her head threatening to change everything in a split second.

An excellently woven tale that, as I say, had me from the start. A book with each character unique to themselves, their strengths and weaknesses each providing a cast of memorable people.

A well-written story that showed us a strong woman and her will to prove herself, even though her family had put her through so much. The kindness of strangers and the willingness to bring her into their own fold gave me that lovely feeling that at least she had someone who really cared. This is a book that I won’t forget in a rush.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and Sylvia Broady for my copy of the book and my place on the tour today.

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