Helen Durrant – The Faceless Man

‘The Faceless Man’ by Helen Durrant is the second book in the new Lennox and Wilde series. These books work fine as a standalone. As always with a series you just miss knowing some of Harry Lennox’s back story. I always feel I need to know everything to gain a greater in-depth knowledge to a great series, but this is a personal thing.

Helen Durrant

When teenager Dean discovers a murder list and makes the decision to blackmail the murderer you know this is not his best decision and it doesn’t bode well for Dean.
Harry and Jess begin their investigation into Deans death they find that a laptop and mobile phone are both missing. They also realise that he has a wall of victims and possible killers, all neatly in place for them, without the missing laptop and phone they are up against it to find a killer known as the faceless man. A person who is very aware of not leaving evidence behind to identify them. The team are really feeling the pressure but can they root him out before he strikes again?

I always look forward to a new book from Helen and I am really enjoying this new series. The characters are coming along nicely with Harry being an intriguing character with all sorts of rumours flying around about him, hopefully we shall learn more about him in future instalments.

A gritty, action-packed and very addictive book that has the shocks, twists and drama that we have come to expect when reading a Helen Durrant book! Exceptional author and an exceptional book too!

Thank you to Joffe Books and Netgalley for the copy of the book for this blog tour!

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