Madalyn Morgan – Old Cases New Colours

‘Old Cases New Colours’ by Madalyn Morgan is the ninth book in ‘The Dudley Sisters’ series. I agreed to the tour for this book without actually realising it. Luckily for me, it really doesn’t matter as it reads fine as a standalone and I enjoyed my time with the Dudley sisters.

Madalyn Morgan

The two sisters are Ena and Artie and in this book we see Ena leaving the Home Office and setting up a new business and a Private Investigation agency which has always been a wish of hers. She ends up with a variety of cases that include an Art Gallery, nursing home and more, they do have you sat on the edge of your seat with your heart almost in your mouth while you silently hope for them to solve the cases. There is also an old case that needs clearing up as well, Ena has more than enough to keep her busy for the foreseeable future, that’s for sure.

I loved the characters in this book. Ena was a modern woman of her time with setting her own business up and ploughing on. A mystery story with a bit of that good old humour that always keeps us going. I found it funny, chuckled a few times reading this I tell you. There are enough colourful characters to entertain us as we go along as well!

Great read and one I am happy I didn’t miss out on, and I have plenty of books to make me chuckle when I have a chance to catch up with Ena and Artie.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Madalyn Morgan for the copy of this book.

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3 thoughts on “Madalyn Morgan – Old Cases New Colours

  1. Thank you for featuring Old Cases New Colours on your wonderful Blog, Beyond The Books, Sharon. I’m delighted you saw the humour in some of the characters. My first attempt at humour and my first attempt at writing about a female sleuth. I’m over the moon that you got both. xx

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