Rebecca Bradley – Blood Stained

‘Blood Stained’ by Rebecca Bradley is a terrifying and tense thriller set in Sheffield featuring Detective Claudia Nunn.

Rebecca Bradley

A serial killer is choosing his victims by using a dating app. As the bodies pile up the police are put under extreme pressure to find the killer before more people are dead. DS Dominic Harrison is the lead in the case and he sleeps, eats and works this case, hoping to find the one thing that will break it and lead to a conviction. Things take a personal turn when his wife goes missing and to make matters worse a large pool of blood is discovered in their garage. DS Harrison is now a suspect in his own case.

His work colleague Claudia is sure Dominic is innocent. She is that sure that she steps in and starts her own investigation, is she ready for what she discovers? Claudia is determined to get to the bottom of this…even if it changes everything she believed.

A gritty, heart-pounding thriller that gives us twist after twist, never letting up. The tension is wound up to the absolute maximum. The plotting has been brilliantly created with enough drama to more than keep you engrossed in this scary serial killer thriller. Hope to see Claudia again soon too.

Thanks to Joffe Books and Jill Burkinshaw for the copy of the book.

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