Tessa Morris-Suzuki – The Lantern Boats

‘The Lantern Boats’ by Tessa Morris – Suzuki is a historical fiction book. I always love a good historical read so, after checking the cover… Which is beautiful and the blurb I went for it.

Tessa Morris-Suzuki

Set in 1951, Japan and told from two points of view. The first being Elly Ruskin a Japanese – Scottish young woman who was repatriated to Japan from Australia after the Second World War. She has suspicions that Fergus, her husband is having an affair with Vido Vidanto, a Japanese poet. The second being Kamiya Yun, a young boy who is recruited to spy on Vido’s life by the occupying American forces.
Tessa Morris – Suzuki has written ‘The Lantern Boats’ so well I felt like I could actually be there, in Japan. Her writing makes Japan feel so real and the descriptions she writes are so vivid. This is the second book I have read that has anything about Japan and the first was totally different to this. I am glad I decided to join this tour, it means I have found another great author.

A story that is beautifully written and held my attention for longer than I expected when I first picked up the book. Definitely a page-turner, as they say.

Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw for asking me to take part in this tour and Joffe Books for the copy of the book.

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