Isabella Muir – After The Storm

‘After The Storm’ by Isabella Muir is the sequel to ‘Crossing the Line’ but I have dropped in with ‘After The Storm’. I found it an easy story to pick up and get into.

Isabella Muir

Set in the 1960s, Guiseppe Bianchi, a retired Italian detective is living in Bexhill-On-Sea in Sussex, decides to have a look into something that others have already decided was an act of God – a tragic accident. A friend of his Edward Swain has been killed by a tree during a storm. Lightening hits and the tree smashes into the house he was in.

Guiseppe and Christina Rossi – the daughter of his cousin and a reporter for the local paperwork together to try to dig into the facts even though Christina is not convinced it was murder until they are so far into discovering the case and eventually she agrees there IS more to the case. As they investigate they uncover more but will Guiseppe get to the bottom of how his friend died?

A story that for me had the flavour of the classic detectives of yesteryear but with a splash of Europe. I enjoyed getting to know Guiseppe and the Rossi family. Isabella Muir has included historical events from the 1960s so you have the sense of the years it is set in. The sense of place is great with the descriptions of Bexhill, the faded grandeur and the typical British seaside that we are famous for, I wished I could be at the beach when I was reading the book. Just the place made me miss Sussex as I have been previously.

A book that is a thoroughly good read and took me back to the classic detectives. I think this is brilliant for anyone who loves a great detective!

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Isabella Muir for the copy of the book.

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