John Ryder – Third Kill

‘Third Kill’ by John Ryder is the third book in the Grant Fletcher series. An all-action, adrenaline-inducing series that I have loved from the first book.

John Ryder

This time we see former Royal Marine turned mercenary Grant Fletcher in Las Vegas with FBI handler and agent Zoe Quadrado sent to Las Vegas to stop a killer called Mantis who is steadily killing all the crime bosses and anyone else who just happens to catch Mantis’s eye. Fletcher and Quadrado have been tasked with taking the Mantis out before Mantis can take any more innocent lives. As is well documented we all know crime bosses prefer to do their own ‘sorting out’. Can this duo find and neutralise Mantis in time?

What follows is an explosive, action-packed, and really addictive story. Fletcher is not there willingly as he has been ‘influenced’ shall we say? By the FBI to work clandestine black-ops for them. Quadrado, to all intents and purposes, is his handler. Together they are one hell of a team. I was so into this book, I was holding my breath at times and I am so sure my blood pressure was going up! I do like these two characters and the fact that Fletcher isn’t bound by FBI rules and Zoe is, creates an interesting duo. Fletcher is definitely a larger than life character who has his flaws, and we see them along the way. I find the character development is excellent. We see it in the way they work together and it makes it more realistic.

If you love a story that won’t stop bringing action, drama, intrigue, mystery and danger, along with the twists and violence you would expect when mercenaries, FBI, crime bosses and assassins are involved, pick ‘Third Kill’ up. In fact, pick all three books up! They are all excellent reads.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of the book.

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