Kathryn Grant – Only You

‘Only You’ by Kathryn Grant is a psychological thriller published by another of my favourite publishers; Inkubator Books. I have loved every single book I have had the pleasure of reviewing, regardless of the author. Saying that, I have reviewed Kathryn Grant’s books and whenever I see her name pop up I just know I am going to be in for a good read. ‘Only You’ has only further fixed her into one of my favourite author places

Kathryn Grant

We are introduced to the picture-perfect life of Hadley, with Jonah her husband and their daughter Geneva. Hadley has everything, it seems…but not all is what it seems in this tense story.

Hadley isn’t as calm and happy as you would imagine we see a tension that is just below the surface, threatening to break through at any minute. There are definite clues from the past that are enough to give us the idea that somehow, her life is nowhere near as perfect as she would have us believe, and I am sure we are on the road with her if and when everything unravels

There are fantasy snippets with a tale of Clementine and Camille which is entwined within the main plot. This does seem a little at odds with the book, but as the story unfolds it slot’s in to create a pretty intriguing plot thread.

The characters in the book are very cleverly and carefully developed to bring even more tension and drama to the plot. We see Kenny, Faith, Alice and Deborah all characters that been skillfully placed to crank the story up a notch and it works. Kathryn Grant has woven such a twisted tale that it grabs you from the first page and doesn’t loosen its grip until the very end.

A multi-layered story that, as soon as true colours start appearing has you turning the pages with such speed, just to find out what’s next. I am looking forward to Kathryn’s next book with barely hidden impatience.

Thanks to Damp Pebbles Blog Tours and Inkubator Books for the copy of the book.

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