Stewart Giles – Malice On The Island

‘Malice on the Island’ by Stewart Giles is the fourth book in the Detective Liam O’Reilly series set in Guernsey.

Stewart Giles

As always with Stewart Giles books, I expected an excellent read and he, again, fulfilled the expectation. This is obviously part of a series but every book can be read as a standalone if you wish to just dip in the series. I am more of a serial stalker (sorry meant reader!) And love starting from the first book. This is just to have a deeper understanding of the characters and plots.

We return to the Island of Guernsey where there has been a rivalry between two local families for centuries. When there is a fire at a restaurant owned by one of the families O’Reilly is sent to have a look a total waste of time in his book. Then bodies start dropping and someone has painted the side of a house in black paint. What is the significance of the paint and why are there deaths in both families? I love anything that Stewart Giles writes and this series is fantastic, O’Reilly is a grumpy and complex character with a heart of gold and the tenacity of a Jack Russell dog. He never gives in till he has his answers. I find him quite funny as well, especially when we see his banter with his daughter and his begrudging love /hate relationship with their adopted cat Bram.

Stewart Giles has created a series that just improves as it goes on. Poor Liam went to Guernsey for a quieter life and since he has been there the murder rate HAS to have gone up! He cannot rest on his laurels that’s for sure!

Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw and Stewart Giles for the copy of the book.

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